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Punjabi Class

The Punjabi classes were started in 1965 and were originally held in the langar hall once a week.  They are now held in the Ramgarhia Community College, which is a purpose built building on the Gurdwara grounds.   
A large number of individuals have learnt Punjabi and have gained ‘O’ Level/GCSE and ‘A’ Level qualifications over the years, and continue to do so. 
Over the last few years, RGC Punjabi School has worked on projects with the Coventry City Council and Education Centres at other Gurdwaras in Coventry establishing Punjabi Curriculums and Teacher Training for the Punjabi School Staff. 



  • Tuesday 6.45pm – 8pm & Sunday 10.30am – 12.30pm 

  • Pre-school through to Adults. 

  • The school has 7 highly experienced and qualified Punjabi teachers who give their time to help students achieve the highest grades possible. 

  • Levels include GCSE and A Level 

  • Enrolment starts in September. There is an annual enrolment fee of £10 per person. 

  • Enrolment can also occur during the academic year, depending on availability of spaces. 

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