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As part of the Sikh Way of Life the RGC daily routine is as follows:

  • Amrit Vela – Morning Nitnem – (6.30am to 8am) 

  • Evening Nitnem - Rehraas Sukhasan and special Kirtan Programs / Katha (discourse) 6.30pm to 8pm 

  • Sukhmani Sahib 

  • Ladies kirtan (Istri Satsang)– Tuesday’s 10.30am to 1pm 

  • Opening times - Monday to Sunday 6.30am to 8pm 

  • Saturdays Naam Simran – 7am to 9am 

  • Sundays 8am to 2pm – Asa Di Vaar and special Kirtan Programs / Katha (discourse) 

  • The Gurdwara is currently operating at different scheduled times due to the Covid-19 situation. 

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